Carlsruhe & Gisborne Markets

Members of the Woodend Men’s Shed had a busy and productive weekend on the weekend of 30th November/1st December with involvement in the Carlsruhe Country Fair on the Saturday and the Gisborne Monthly Market on the Sunday.

Carlsruhe Country Fair

The Fair is a very popular bi-annual event, which is organised by the Woodend Primary School and takes place on the School grounds at Carlsruhe.

At the invitation of the Organising Committee the Woodend Men’s Shed set up a stall involving the following activities:

  • The opportunity for children to construct their own toy wooden trucks, with support from Shed members and using components prepared in advance at the Shed;
  • Wood turning demonstrations;
  • Sale of wood turning items and wooden toys constructed by members.

The day was very successful for the School with high attendance levels and a fund-raising total of approx. $21,000.

The Men’s Shed was also very happy with the results of the day, with 25 children taking up the opportunity of making their own toy trucks and a total of $760 in sales.

Stall at Carlsruhe Country Fair

Gisborne Market

The following day members travelled to Gisborne to set up a stall at the very large and well-attended Gisborne Market.

The prime objective of our participation, apart from general promotion of the Woodend Men’s Shed, was to sell items produced by members at the Shed. These included tables, bench/seats, toys and wood turning items.

The day was successful, with $1,060 in sale. Members who attended are proposing more regular participation in the monthly market as a means of fund-raising. This will involve continuing, and increasing, the production of popular items.